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Short-Drama  |  15 min  |  2023 

A twist of fate brings a young girl, burdened by an increasing pile of bills, and a wealthy man who seeks nothing more than a moment of silence together on a lone swing set one night.

Trailer Coming Soon

Directed by:

Alyssa Hartwig


Mari Blake & Tim Sullivan

Assistant Director:

Heather Alexis


Movie Clapboard

Assistant Director

Supporting the director throughout the production. Accompanying the location scout and providing guidance on walkthrough of location for shot list creation.


Creating schedules for approved shot lists, revising call sheets, and maintaining the set's shooting schedule for each day.

Organized Files

DIT/Media Management

Clone, log, and verify footage during the shoot. Coordinate and backup footage of SD cards and review dailies with the director.


DaVinci Resolve & MacOS

Stills/ Behind the Scenes

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