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Sunday Matinée

Experimental  |  Spec AD  |  2023 

desserts, sleepless nights, & go-to place in New York when the mean reds hit…

Spec Ad Coming Soon

Directed by:

Andre Shen


Arina Vala Thordardottir

Production Design:

Heather Alexis


Printed Pink Towel

Production Designer

Implement artistic vision of the film through the locations and prop choices. Select colors, key art pieces, and stylized look of the scenes. Conceptualize and create props to match the film aesthetic and needs.


Notably: Bring to life the color scheme of the Peter Pan Cafe brand. Highlight the retro feel and incorporate elements of Greenpoint for the director. 

Server Room

Technical Consultant

Technical consultant for Avid workflow across the post-production team. Troubleshooting the sharing of bins, rebuilding the project from the attic, and ensuring proper turnover and delivery specs.

Stills/ Behind the Scenes

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