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Latex Always Wins

Fashion  |  Spec Ad  |  2023 

Created for the miaou latex collection.

Spec Ad Coming Soon

Directed by:



Cortney Connolly & Alexis Williams

Concept & Styled by:

Kiana Dittman

Production Design & Assistant Editor:

Heather Alexis


Printed Pink Towel

Production Designer

Implement artistic vision of the film through the locations and prop choices. Select colors, key art pieces, and stylized look of the scenes. Conceptualize and create props to match the film aesthetic and needs.


Notably: Custom Arcade Machine complete with spikes and black & red vinyl detailing and custom latex pillows.

Video Editing Timeline

Assistant Editor

Transcode, log, and prepare dailies for review of anamorphic footage.

Technical Specs:

Anamorphic Footage


Premiere, Media Encoder, DaVinci

Stills/ Behind the Scenes

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