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Pond5 | Social Media Content

Shorts  |  Social Media Content |  2020

A collection of short form content for Pond5 Social Media Platforms to showcase branded content. 

See Examples Below

Edited by:

Heather Alexis

Copy Written by:

Heather Alexis


A female graphic editor


Conceptualize and pitch ideas for social media content for featured footage.


Oversee the post-production process from rough cut to delivery. Coordinate turnovers and laybacks. Create motion graphics for branding. 

Work to ensure prompt delivery and adjust for team approval.

Programs Used:

Premiere, Media Encoder, After-Effects, and Photoshop

Neon Typewriter Keys

Copy Writer

Create engaging and concise copy for social media platforms. Modify and adapt the copy to fit social media platform standards.

Pond5 Content

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