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Production Crew

A Collection of Shorts

Short Films  |  Various Genre  |  Pre- 2023

A collection of short films created prior to 2023.
Notably: Anemoia, A Piece of You, Nosce te Ipsum, The Ultimate Mixtape, and The Pinch. 

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Edited by:

Heather Alexis

Directed by:

Heather Alexis


A female graphic editor


Oversee the post-production process from rough cut to delivery.


Coordinate across color, audio, and music departments.


Work to ensure prompt turnovers, laybacks, and delivery for deadlines.

Programs Used:

Premiere, DaVinci, After-Effects, Illustrator, and ProTools.

Film Student


Conceptualization and execution of a variety of short films. Wrote scripts, treatments, and outlines based on the story concept. Created shot lists and storyboards for implementation on set. Managed and organized a team both on and off set.

A collection of Shorts

On Shift ||  [Proof of Concept]

On Shift || [Proof of Concept]

"On Shift" an original sitcom created by Heather Alexis Starring: Nicole Conklin Cedar Swamp Productions Synopsis: A group of aspiring artists find themselves as coworkers at a rundown theater, where in between the shenanigans, crazy customers, and relationships, they work together towards breaking into the creative industry. Inspiration: For almost three years, I have worked at a small town café in the middle of nowhere. Since my first day on the job, I have been writing down every single crazy story that has happened at that place. The experiences my coworkers and I have had together, are too unique to do nothing with. In honor of my favorite people, I felt I had to bring our journey to life. My coworkers have truly become my family and we constantly look back and laugh at the fact that somehow, despite having no training, we have yet to be fired. The timing of my sitcom release couldn’t be more poetic. I had planned to release my proof of concept on May 10th, and it just so happens that that is the day my cafe back home will be closing forever. I have had the pleasure of getting to know my wonderful coworkers and forming a bond that can be explained as none other than family. This sitcom is dedicated to an end of an era. Special Thanks To: STUDIO B! My amazing coworkers My best friend! Janet... Judy... Joyce! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Social Media Links Main Channel: Book Channel: Previous Video: Instagram: Twitter: Website: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­~~~ Business Contact: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­~~~ Music: Heather Alexis Michael Melnik Joyce Nieh YouTube Audio Library ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­~~~~~~ Hope you enjoyed!
The Pinch Abduction || By Heather Alexis

The Pinch Abduction || By Heather Alexis

"the pinch abduction" has begun... welcome to the end of the world. a short film by Heather Alexis Cedar Swamp Productions in association with NYU Sight and Sound Film Starring: Heather Alexis Cherie Ho (as the Pinch) Special Thanks to: Sam Harris (DP), Cherie Ho, and Alec Merey The Story Behind THE PINCH: Press Play. I’m going to tell you a story. Sit back, relax, make yourself a nice cup of tea (two sugars and milk). Just like any other classic tale, mine begins a long, long, time ago, 2011 to be exact. It all started on a rainy afternoon. Everyone was home and being the weekend there should have been a wide variety of activities to do. Unfortunately, my eleven year old self just could not escape boredom, and as fate would have it, those wet drops of torture would soon turn into the backdrop of well, this story. I lay on the soft carpet of our living room floor, staring at the popcorn ceiling. The loud ticking of the grandfather clock seemed to make time last forever. Tick-Tock-Tick, the day went by and I remained in the center of the room. You see, now that I look back, I realize that I could have done so many things that day. But being eleven meant that lying in the middle of the floor sprawled like a starfish was the best option. So naturally, I was bored, and what better way to share this feeling than to shout to the entire house, “I’m Bored.” I don’t know what I was expecting: a unicorn to burst through the window, Harry Potter to show up and take me to Hogwarts, or Selena Gomez to come knocking at the door. Whatever it was, it didn’t come, so I was forced to find a different way to occupy myself. After many failed attempts at arts and crafts, I elected that the best and only option for me was to lie aimlessly on the floor until I thought of something better to do. Luckily, this didn’t last long otherwise I might still be lying on the floor today. The universe had other plans and as I rolled onto my side with a long sigh, I caught a glimpse of my mom’s laptop. This was the moment when fate decided to intervene. I could have easily opened any app or website on that laptop. Yet somehow, something out there made the little gold star catch my eye. And just like that I was introduced to my future passion. That was the day I made my first film. A strange film now that I think about it- called “The Pinch.” It was a simple story about a girl who met an alien, brilliantly played by my left hand. It may sound odd, but this short film was the start of everything that I have done up until this point. Fast forward to December 2018. The film you just watched is a recreation of that first film. Made possible by my amazing crew and supportive friends! I figured that since I've made it this far into what I've decided is my future career, I may as well show my progress! From 2011 to 2018 this is... THE PINCH. Shoutout to some peeps! I have had the absolute pleasure of working with my wonderful crew and friends during the Sight and Sound Film Semester at NYU. Thank you so much for all of your hard working and inspiring me to keep being creative. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Social Media Links Main Channel: Book Channel: Previous Video: Instagram: Twitter: Website: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­~~~ Business Contact: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­~~~ Music: Various Artists iMovie YouTube Audio Library ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­~~~~~~ Hope you enjoyed!
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