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News Localish Program  |  3 min  |  2023 

A group of ballerinas are sharing their plans for transforming the classical ballet image into a body-positive, diverse, and inclusive artform

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Directed, Shot, Edited:

Heather Alexis

Produced & Written by:

WABC-7 & Heather Alexis



Conceptualize and pitch a news story for the Localish Channel. Organize the shot list, location scout, and equipment checkouts. Coordinate guests and tailor questions to their backgrounds.


Ensure the throughline of the story emerges throughout the production process.

A female graphic editor


Oversee the post-production process from rough cut to delivery.


Coordinate turnovers and laybacks. Discuss and request designs with the digital assets teams for motion graphics. 

Work to ensure prompt delivery and adjust for Localish team approval.

Programs Used:

Premiere, Media Encoder, and Photoshop

Neon Typewriter Keys

Copy Editor

Create engaging and concise shooting script stylized for the Localish Channel. Modify and adapt this script for an accompanying news article piece. Work with the copy team on crafting an informative news story in the style of WABC-7.

Stills/ Behind the Scenes

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