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A New Mentali-TEA

Podcast  |  Season One  |  2023 

A podcast for discussing breaking down the negative stigma of Mental Health Depiction in Media with real therapists and artists.

Season One Coming Soon

Created by:

Heather Alexis

Season One:

Sylvie Tamar

Colette Poncet

Atlas A. Lee-Reid

Lee Hatcher

Rose T.M.

Brandon Pavlicek

Alyssa Hartwig

Produced by:

Brandon Pavlicek


Heather Alexis

Atlas A. Lee-Reid




Conceptualize and create themes for each episode. Curate questions that best suit the background of each guest. Select and research topics before each episode and select the guest lineup for each season.

A female graphic editor


Oversee the post-production process from rough cut to delivery.

Create transcriptions and captions for each episode. Cut a multi-cam setup and select desired camera angles.

Technical Specs:

3-Camera Setup

Programs Used:

Premiere and DaVinci

Stills/ Behind the Scenes

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